How to Clean Stainless Steel

Let’s talk about stainless steel appliances.

Stainless steel is the most common finish for appliances and looks great – especially when it is shiny and smudge free. So, we’ve compiled a list of dos and don’ts for cleaning your appliances to keep them looking new! 


  • Find the grain – Yes, your stainless steel has “grain”, similar to wood. Find the direction it runs, either horizontal or vertical, and wipe with it for a better clean and shine.
  • Use soft microfiber or cotton clothes – They won’t scratch or leave any lint behind.
  • Use water – Always try to do less first. If a damp cloth cleans up the mess, then you’re done!
  • Liquid dish soap – For more stubborn smudges, put a drop or two of dish soap on a damp cloth and wipe.
  • Try glass cleaner – Sometimes those fingerprints just won’t budge. Try spraying a bit of glass cleaner on a cloth and wiping in a circular motion.
  • Rinse and dry thoroughly – If you apply a cleaner, be sure you rinse after using and always dry your appliances with a clean cloth when you’re finished. Remember to go with the grain for the ultimate shine!


  • Spray cleaners directly onto your appliance – It’s hard to control how much cleaner you are using and where it lands. Instead, spray onto a cloth and then apply
  • Use abrasive brushes or scrubbing pads – They will scratch your beautiful new appliance.
  • Use harsh or abrasive cleaners – Harsh cleaners can scratch or dull the finish of your appliance, cleaners containing bleach could even stain them.

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