Frequently Asked Questions 

What is your design-build process?

Most projects work in the following sequence: you reach out to us to discuss your remodeling or new construction needs. We would set up an appointment with you, either in your home or at our showroom, and discuss what your goals are for the space. We then put together design options and estimates for a budget remodel and high-end remodel based on scope of work and varying expense of different materials used in the project. We then ask for a nonrefundable design deposit, and we begin formalizing the overall design, scope of work, and help you decide on selections for the project. When the project is finalized, we sign a contract with you, and begin the project. Very few decisions are needed once the project begins, so you can sit back and see the work being done each day! See Our Process.

Will you design our project?

We can design an entire custom home ourselves, or we can work with an architect or other designer, but we typically do most design in-house. We will also help you understand the value of an outside architect or designer so you know whether it will be worth the extra fees in the long run. With our new showroom in New Brighton, we are able to assist you in each selection as well as the specifics of the layout of the new or remodeled space. See Our Project Gallery.

Do you use employees or subcontractors?

We use employees for all of the planning, scope of work, design support, and project management. Additionally, we employ a few carpenters and general laborers. Then, we use subcontractors for the more specialized work. Using subcontractors allows us to hire more specialized professionals in each of their fields. The subcontractors we have worked with have been working with us for many years, so many of them are permanent members of the Becker Team. We keep high expectations of our subcontractors, and all of them are licensed and insured.

Is BECKER insured and licensed?

Yes! And so are all of our subcontractors. They’re insured and licensed if they’re on our job site. Our MN Builder’s License Number is BC721013 and our EPA Lead Certification Number is 55766.

Will you obtain permits?

We always obtain permits where they are required. In situations where they are optional, we will explain the pros and cons of a permit and help the client make the decision to get a permit, and will let clients know when they’re not necessary. We handle ALL obtaining of all permits for you, regardless of the city in which you live.

Can you itemize your bid?

Absolutely. We do for almost every job, in fact. Broken down by category, we show you exactly where the job costs are going, and how much we charge for project management and overhead. Before the project starts, we set up our web-based system so you can see exactly how your project is scheduled, what drafted and approved change orders have been made, and what payments you’ve made so far.

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